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Our Core Mommas

Shemaka Portley

Her Story

At a very young age Shemaka was a foster kid herself. She was adopted by age 2. After traumatic events in her preteen/ teenage years, Shemaka reunited with biological family. Life continued to be a struggle through her early adult years and she soon found herself pregnant with her 4th child and battling addiction. It was losing her kids and the difficult battle through relapse that she discovered Jesus and salvation from the life that imprisoned her. As she surrendered to Him, God used the very things that pained her to deliver her into the life she wanted.. read more for the full story of her journey from broken to beautiful.

Who She is Today

Shemaka has 4 delightful children. She is steadily rebuilding her home and working through legalities to bring the oldest 2 children home with her and the younger 2 kids.

Shemaka makes custom cabinets at a local cabinetry company. Her dream of building a happy home and of helping moms like her is becoming a reality.

Rebecca Budjenska

Her Story

Not all Alabaster moms have a rough start, but they have all found themselves in a rough situation. Born and raised in an all-American Texas suburb, Rebecca was adopted into a loving supportive family. Yet the reality of adoption, and the brokenness it comes from, sent her spiraling into a life of addiction & shame through her teen/ early adult years. After CPS removed her 3 daughters, Rebecca nearly lost all contact through parental rights termination. It was at this point Rebecca chose to do the hard thing and began to start picking up the pieces to recovery….read more for the full story of her journey from broken to beautiful.

Who She is Today

Rebecca has 3 lovely daughters. Though she has successfully regained her life, she is patiently working to re-build the relationships with her children and the ones who currently love and legally care for them.

Rebecca has pursued education, having attained an associates and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree. She recently started her career as a para-legal working with a local lawyer who often represents women in situations like Rebecca used to be.

Robyn Fox

Her Story

Raised by her grandmother, Robyn spent her childhood watching her mother struggle with life. Robyn soon found herself in a battle with addiction and working her own CPS cases for her children. After her younger two children lost their father in a tragic untimely death, she successfully rebounded and beat her addiction. She has been free for 7 years. It has been a long road rebuilding her home and picking up the pieces that trauma leaves.…. read more for the full story of her journey from broken to beautiful.

Who She is Today

Robyn has 4 wonderful kids, 3 beautiful grandchildren and is engaged to be married. She is involved with her local church and holds a secure position with her job as a dispatcher.

Christina Wallis

Who She Is


Christina is affectionately referred to as the Fairy Godmother for the Alabaster Moms. She is friend and mentor with the core mommas and a catalyst & driving force behind the organization. She fiercely loves and nurtures these ladies, helping bring out each Cinderella story within the these moms.

Christina and her husband married in 1998 and have 5 children (adopted & biological), numerous honorary children and continue to foster kids within their home. She is a published author, loves a good laugh,  and lives in a small Texas town outside of Dallas.